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When you sample this exceedingly rare encounter with Nature at Shanthi Uyana, you will readily admit that there are not many places in the world where you will find all of these distinguished features in one premises. 

Shanthi Uyana is situated at the top of a mountain in Knuckles mountain range yet only about 500 meters away from the preservation area, perfectly encapsulates the splendor of beauty creating an ideal place for relaxing and meditations. Shanthi Uyana has been designed to blend in with the natural landscape through its hues, materials, and textures making you feel you're at one the most beautiful places where ever you are.


Roof top is specially designed with a panaromic view at a very high level allowing you to witness birds including eagles flying below your eye level while you enjoy a cup of coffee creating the best place for you to have your important meetings relaxing your mind and body providing you the perfect atmosphere to make your long term goals and decisions. 


You can visit Mee-mure, one of the ancient villages in Sri lanka, Mini world’s end, corbets Gap, Ash cave, nitro cave, Gerandi Ella and very nice waterfalls and streams.


Trekking through thick jungle and birding trails are couple of activities the nature lovers will not want to miss.....

If you intend to stay at Shanthi Uyana for more than two days,


You could visit the Wasgamuwa National Park which is one of Sri Lanka’s most beloved wildlife parks, boasting a jaw-dropping collection of wild beast and birds. The park is situated in the Matale and Polonnaruwa Districts in the heart of the island the park is renowned for attracting visitors who come to witness the iconic elephants as well as birding enthusiasts who take a keen interest in the endemic and migratory bird species that frequent these lands.


A walk through the forest around Dambana with Vedda (native Sri Lankans) will also be a nice, unique experience

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